The PT Application Booster is a course designed to help you through the pre-interview phase of your application. We'll provide you with a roadmap on how to set yourself apart from the competition.

Start Date

October 2023

Registration deadline

October 2023

Eligibility criteria

Undergraduate students or graduates

Get the competitive edge!

Getting accepted to physiotherapy school in Canada is super competitive, and it’s only getting harder! As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves.

How can we help?

Generally, there are two phases you have to go through when applying to physio school. The first is the pre-interview phase and the second is the interview phase. We’ve developed two courses that will help you succeed through BOTH stages of your application. The PT Application Booster is designed to help you with the pre-interview phase. The PT Interview Booster is designed to help you with the interview phase of admission.

What will this course teach you?

Earn a competitive GPA

We'll teach you study techniques to help boost your GPA to become a competitive applicant for PT programs.

Obtain a meaningful reference letter

We'll teach you who to ask and how to ask for a reference letter that will help you, not hurt you.

Write a great personal statement

We'll show you how to write a personal statement that will make you stand out! We'll show you what you should and shouldn't include in your personal statement.

Work and volunteer experience

Learn what work and volunteer experiences will help you gain the experience that PT programs are looking for.

Deciding which schools to apply to

Not sure about the differences between the different programs? Not sure which schools you'd have the best shot at getting in? We'll help guide you.


We'll show you how you can prepare for the CASPer test, a common admission screen used by many Canadian PT programs.

Success Stories

Learn from physiotherapists who understand the process

We know what it takes to get into physiotherapy school. Not only has our team been accepted to multiple physio programs, but we've helped students get into physiotherapy programs all across Canada.

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